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For years my I suffered with skin cancer... but not anymore! I have discovered a combination of ingredients that have healed my body.

Welcome to a new beginning! Hello, I am David Ruben... Many of you have heard me either on the radio, or producing shows over the past 40 years. I have talked about my various health issues, especially skin problems that I have suffered with over the last 35 years. I have been through tremendous pain, trial and tribulation. Up to a hundred potentially deadly skin cancers have been removed either by freezing, toxic cream, or surgery. Until now,  I really believed that I would have to suffer through endless, painful procedures for the rest of my life. Then, I discovered the right set of indigence to change my life. I felt a wave of relief, as I watched my skin problems shrink as the weeks went by! I am no longer just amazed. I am a believer...  

Below are actual photos of my progress.

           Above: May 20th, 2013                                           July 8, 2013                                              August 10, 2103                                         May 23, 2014
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"How to be healthy"
Relying on the government for health care can be a scary thing.  Really any type of health insurance has very little to do with health it is actually disease treatment with toxic drugs and surgical procedures. Staying healthy is really the best medicine.  

A female in her 70's before, and after. 

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A few possess the ability to successfully challenge others to be the best they can be. 

A few have penetrating insights which can reveal the truth. 

A few can clearly see the way to achieve victory. 

David is one of those few. 

Peter Weissbach - Host of Forbes On Radio

Below: A few of the hosts David has worked with
From top to bottom: Tammy Bruce - Jerry Doyle  - Rusty Humphries - Neale Donald Walsh - Art Bell - Jesse Lee Peterson - Ellis Henican - Lucianne Goldberg - Baron Baptiste - Michael Savage - Alan Colmes.



Multi-award winner David Ruben

The Enemy Is Stress!
You dare not resent it...

Free Action vs. Reaction - 

Objectivity vs. Subjectivity 

It has long been known that stress can have an effect on a woman's ability to conceive, and this suggestion was given some weight by a recent study which found high levels of the stress hormone cortisol in women whose periods had either stopped or were wildly irregular. Relaxation therapy and counseling reversed these problems in most cases.

Beware: there is a great danger of being controlled by external pressures all the time. Resentment or anger is often an inferior response to an unreasonable pressure. · Every time you become upset, every single time you are aggravated by a pressure or stress this is what happens; you are becoming the effect of an external cause.

Most people believe stress is the main problem in their lives. However, as long as you see stress as the problem you will never know that it is the way in which you allow it to affect you that is the real reason you are stressed-out and often overwhelmed!

You may not realize it, but we all need stress in order to live. Stress in-and-of it-self is benign. The secret of total mastery over stress is so very simple: If you could step back for just a split second and observe your response to any form of stress, in that very moment everything could change.!
· The hidden factor behind why we always succumb to stress has mainly to do with one very significant emotion: "resentment" or anger. Can you honestly say that you are free from those little impulsive sparks of anger or resentment?

You are tired, the checker is rude and the moment is ripe with potential. Two different outcomes are possible at this juncture. #1- You react, get upset and either get into a argument with the checker (in which case people see you as a jerk), or: #2- You just step back and observe her.
· Do you see how once objectively removed from reacting you might contribute to a solution rather than a problem?

Being Objective

· Principle #1 - The "hot-potato."  The minute you become affected by any negative external stimulus, someone who's inpatient or any kind of stimulus that you might think of as negative, its almost literally like taking a “hot potato” from someone.
· Why do we take the "hot-potato?" Because you have unconsciously or impulsively agreed to take on a problem that belongs to someone else that you did not have to accept. 
Be aware of how little tiny irritations have the power to knock you right out of your center and begin to ruin your attitude. It is important to understand that stress does one thing equally to every human being; It challenges you. It puts you on the spot.

· Principle #2- All forms of stress are requiring of you something that you may not have:

· Principle #3
- When you are irritated by anything you are literally knocked out of your center. Why? · Because in the very moment you are affected by the source of the irritation, as you react you literally give control of yourself over to the source as if it had authority or power over your attitude.

You allow it to gain control over you as you lose objectivity. How?

· Almost invariably, just seconds before you have an experience with a pressure source, you are lost in thought.
· Because unless you are aware or in the moment, when you encounter a pressure source you are not going to be ready for it because you are off-guard.

· Remember: It's not so much that the pressure outside of us is the problem, but rather the way that we respond to it when we encounter it. This is the key to taking back your personal power.
The reality is that you have no control over a most things that happen in this life. Can you help it if you get grid-locked in traffic? You can't stop somebody from breaking into your apartment and stealing your belongings....  
· There are millions of things you have no control over. But there is one thing you always have control over, and this is what you have to begin to accept right now: You have to accept this new paradigm: You have the power to control your response to stress.
· Stress is a constant. Pressure is a constant. But the other more important constant is your capacity and your ability to confront it with the power of objectivity.
· Many people have a proclivity to set goals in order to make things happen in their lives. But the moment you set a goal you are unknowingly creating pressure on yourself, from yourself.

· This is when you are the most susceptible to stress. Because every little thing that begins to get in the way of your accomplishing goals becomes a source of irritation.
· Every day there are innumerable little irritations or impediments that prevent you from being free. Now we begin to focus on another key word, which is "frustration." How often do you feel frustrated?

· Are you an outcome or "process-oriented person." The power of process is this: Process liberates you to feel a new sense of inner freedom because for perhaps for the first time in your life, when you choose to let the process be more important that the outcome you begin to know that you have the time, to do all the things that need to be done.
· When you embrace process, you can let go of the need to be pressured by goals, people, reward, and guilt. · And believe it or not, your attitude radically shifts so that instead of seeing problems as negative experiences you come to see them as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.
· What is it an opportunity to do? It's an opportunity to just simply focus for a moment.
· Like exercise or weightlifting when you do your work-out you do some reps, and then stop for a minute and rest.

I want you to understand this simple point and I am going to explain it again and again until it sinks in... once you learn to be objective, pull back, stop reacting, being resentful, being angry about the little tiny irritations that rob you of energy all day long... When you learn to stand back, take a deep breath, and let go of outcomes, at this point you begin to have a whole new perspective a new sense of real freedom
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